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A mood regulation demo by Calm3D

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Therapy Tools

We believe in building therapeutic alliance with clients for lasting change. Hence the 3D of Calm refers to the three-dimensions of mood regulation - the wellbeing professional, support between therapy sessions and a humanist environment.

Mood Regulation Tools

We design tools for therapists and coaches to help their clients mood regulate, build resilience and form stronger therapeutic alliance.

Wellbeing Discovery

We provide all wellbeing professionals free access to our directory with effective landing pages for each affiliate member.

Network of Support

We provide a community for general wellbeing seekers, with tools and resources to understand self, self-help, and to seek professional support when needed.

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How it works

We create visibility and awareness about your therapy practice, build your brand and increase sales.

Tools designed to improve lives

Build up your reputation and brand as an effective and resourceful wellbeing practitioner.



Landing Page

Digital Marketing

Extend your reach and build your brand as a wellbeing practitioner. You may be a psychotherapist, psychiatrist, coach, author, non-profit organisation, influencer. 

We build effective pages for you to be discovered so that prospective clients know what your strengths are, and how you can help them.

Brand and Service Excellence

Content Collaboration

Digital Courses

Wellbeing Resources

Transform your business into an enterprise supported by Calm3D. We collaborate on wellbeing content to raise awareness about what you do. Develop courses and digital tools for your clients to improve therapy outcomes. 

Adopt the latest technologies that we provide for your practice to thrive.

Increase Revenue


Recurring Income

More Customers

Grow multiple revenue streams through digital sales and gain more customers as a result of your partnership with us and the network of wellbeing professionals in our community.

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I am what I choose to become - Carl Jung

Calm3D provides wellbeing professionals with mood regulation and wellbeing discovery tools for their clients. 

We do this in partnership with therapists and coaches to deliver immersive sensory experiences to help their clients regulate, reflect and reframe when triggered emotionally.

Our mission is to empower individuals to choose how they respond when such triggers arise.

"We created Calm3D so that every individual has the ability to choose their response to an emotional trigger"

Ignatius Quek and Bernadette Chin, co-founders of Calm3D


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