introduce awe and wonder to your therapy practice

Give your practice the wow! factor and extend your support to clients between therapy and coaching sessions.

scaling up engagement rate between therapist and client

Daily engagements with clients

Establish top of mind recall for therapists

Top of mind recall for wellbeing needs

Immersive mood regulation tool

24/7 immersive virtual reality tool

Videos for meditation

>1,000 amazing 360 degree meditation scenes

templates for journaling

>100 journals & worksheets

how to improve therapeutic alliance

+10X therapeutic alliance & support for clients

Implement modern tools & resources to support your clients at scale

Minimal setup, immediate results

Calm3d is the easiest way to implement therapy and coaching tools for clients at scale. Here's how we introduce awe and wonder for your clients daily.

Key features:

Amazing landing page designed to drive sales enquiries

Instant mood regulation support for clients

Awesome 3D meditation & journaling scenes

Template worksheets and journal tools

SEO and content marketing to boost search engine discovery and build awareness

Access to a growing library of content for meditation, hypnosis, psychotherapy and performance coaching tools

Coaching and therapy aid: practical tools, worksheets and templates for mental wellbeing

Calm3d provides therapists and life coaches with scalable tools between sessions to support clients through their daily needs. Emotional triggers may occur at any part of the day and it is important for clients to develop positive habits to be resilient to external stimuli or to achieve personal development objectives.

Yet it takes time, effort and desire to form such habits. That's why homework compliance is important.

Calm3d reframes the notion of doing homework into something awesome and pleasant. The ease of use allows therapy or coaching clients to build momentum and to do the work required as a natural process.

Increase the rapport and alliance between therapist-coach and client by providing immediate support for mood regulation.

Here are examples of how the tools and use cases for such tools.

Therapy worksheets

A constant problem and resistance in developing the habit of journaling is having a conducive environment to journal. This inertia is overcome by making access to journaling easy, and to have an immersive online experience to feel calm and relaxed. Your client then starts to journal as a natural process.

Homework compliance is reframed into a relaxing activity. An awesome experience.

This is an example of how we incorporate therapy worksheets through the interactive tool. Imagine yourself journaling in a calming environment.

Meditation tool for therapy

Meditation tool for therapy - click the picture to view the browser based meditation

Mood regulation and journaling games for therapy

Imagine a walk in a zen garden while listening to relaxing music. Calm3d provides a sensorial experience to disengage from a fight flight or freeze response during amaygdala capture. We do this through the browser based virtual reality experience. Like a game, we introduce music, visual breathing cue and guided visualizations to induce the relaxation required to calm down and mood regulate.

The same approach is used for empowering visualizations to build up energy, focus or productivity. This is a powerful technique to compliment a personal or business coach, to form positive habits or to entrench a powerful belief of self.

Hypnosis script and meditation video on YouTube

Client engagement is scalable through proprietary or third party content. Our service allows easy integration of of content such as meditation, hypnotherapy or general talks on wellbeing. We do this by integrating YouTube or other social media feeds into the landing page designed for your clients or prospects to use between therapy or coaching sessions.

We also have uniquely designed meditation and hypnosis content, and can convert your hypnotherapy scripts into audio and or video formats as a value added to your clients.

We offer white label content for your private practice as well.

Encouragements and engagements to build therapeutic alliance

Encouragement, inspiration and reminders improves post-therapy engagement rate. Many therapists and coaches provide off session support and guidance on a one to one basis, or through the social channels. These require effort and time.

Engagements build therapeutic alliance and over time you being present to your client is crucial. Calm3d increases engagement rate by offering our therapy aid and tools above. As a value add, our customers have access to our social media posts and curated content for sharing with their clients.