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Calm3D in partnership with Over The Rainbow, a youth mental wellbeing non-profit organisation presents our Beta Release of Zen3D, an immersive VR-ready experience to calm down, regulate your emotions and relief stress in our Zen Garden.


A Garden in your pocket

I choose who I become.

Zen3D was born out of necessity. The need to have my emotions under control, otherwise I wouldn't be able to live with the trauma of wrecking my family and the lives of those I loved.

In my search for a way to calm down, I had tried meditation, sought psychotherapy, NLP, hypnosis and various nootropics to calm myself down. They helped to an extent but did not fully address my desire to remain calm and regulated when emotionally triggered.

Together with my wife, a psychotherapist and founder of My Inner Child Clinic, we developed a sensorial experience packed in our pocket for stress relief and to feel calm.

An abode of calm at your fingertips.

A Better You, A Beta App

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