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Wellbeing Tools

Our wellbeing tools focus on mood regulation because it is the foundation for any therapy and change to occur.  We do this so that anyone can have the ability to decide how to react when big emotions arise.

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Mood Regulation

Zen3D: Personal Recluse to Feel Calm

Welcome to Zen3D.


Discover inner peace through the immersive experience of your inner garden of Eden. Your personal recluse whenever you need.

Mood Regulation Book

This Feeling Human

Inspired by The Guest House poem by Rumi, discover wisdom by visualising feelings come and go in your inner guest house.


This Feeling Human is a free ebook and blog about feelings.

We do this so that everyone will have the power to harness wisdom from the experiences they encounter in life.

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Wellbeing Resources

Calm3d on Campus

We worked with partner therapists, non-profit organisations and performance coaches to conduct events and online courses to give students the knowledge and tools to build mental resilience and resourcefulness.

Mood Tracker for Youths

Project Sprite

Work in progress but coming soon, is a sprightly sprite who accompanies you through your daily encounters.

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