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Help your clients mood regulate

80% of users improved level of calmness, 30% of users did not require intervention when emotionally triggered.

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Free 1 year access to therapists and their clients for Beta users. Register your interest today!

Beta launch coming in October

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Simple & effective

We agreed to go live on the website and were encouraged that it helped our beneficiaries - Over The Rainbow Singapore

Easy to use

The tool is  easily available on my website for my clients and prospective clients. - My Inner Child Clinic

Better support to clients

My clients receive better support outside of our sessions, and can learn to calm down when they need - Think Solutions LLP

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Therapist Exclusive!

If you are a therapist or coach and would like your clients to feel cared for and supported outside of the therapy sessions, we offer your clients free 1 year access at the official launch!

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